Hall & Oates & Regis by Seth Oelbaum

Seth Oelbaum was recently awesome enough to submit to us.

We haven't had time to read his submission. It's very busy here. Maybe Monday?

We did ask him what he thinks of classic Hall & Oates video "She's Gone" though.

He had some insightful thoughts:

"Hall & Oates, due to their long hair and sleeveless bowtie shirts, possess knowledge of numerous events that occur in the future, like when Kathie Lee left the Live with Regis and Kathie Lee show. Regis was very depressed. All he could do for weeks on end was slouch in gauche yet aesthetically appealing armchairs, throw money, and lament. Hall & Oates tried to tell him this would happen by making a music video that duplicated Regis's post-Kathie Lee mindset. But Regis failed to heed their warning. If he had watched their video, then he'd have known that Kathie Lee was the devil and he'd never agreed to cohost the show with her in the first place."

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