Nobody'sBitch thanks us for publishing her:

Oh my Jesus! This is the first online lit journal that has ever published my stories. I am so grateful to my lord and savior Jesus Christ who keeps me looking like
the baddest bitch on my block. i would also like to give a shout to my cousin Peanut and to all the haters who said i don't write good or whatevr. I could care
less if you hate me too Head Editor. You published my piece so obviously this bitch has something you like. Also the bio is sooo dry. You basically pooped out
ya head what was basically in my submission. I hope you aint gettin paid for this shit. My bio should say this:

Nobody'sBitch is a poet and gangstress who was born in Birmingham but now resides in Mobile, AL. She has been published in various chitlin circuit publications
and her 15th chapbook, Ya Man is Taking ME Shopping, Ho, will be released in late 2012

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