Seems Bleak by Ralph Waldo

I got up today
the sun was shining
I felt like I had some power
And listened to some optimistic songs

Then I got blank
I don’t know why
It could have been gravity or
The Lunar eclipse

Then nothing really happened
I texted a few people
but didn’t see anyone
I went out
to a cafe
Outside it was cold and clear

People seemed happy or okay
Doing things

Nothing will resolve itself by itself
It’s all up to humans
As far as we know
And not in the hands of
Magical animals or Invisible wizards
This is the saddest thing in the world

Humans should take me to a cave
and leave me there
in the desert or someplace with reasonable weather
With a few old religious books
I would have a bed
And get food every day
but no visitors
How long would it take to feel "more normal"?
Would eight months be enough

Or I lay on my back in a shallow ditch
covered with a few inches of dirt
except my eyes and mouth
which has three tubes
(for air, water, and vitamin fiber candy)
You come most days to feed me
Shaking your head
with a mixture of disdain and pity
And accidentally kick some dirt in my eye
But I don’t really mind

I go to bed wondering
how you would know
if a podiatrist is any good

I dream about
a spice rack
I dream about a bandit
crouching on a fire escape
filing his mustache

I wake up thinking
I’m in a movie theater
And look for the exit
But it’s just my life

I wake up thinking
how unsatisfying
cotton candy

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