Selections from Molly Wally Polly’s Diary

by Molly Wally Polly

Dear Sexy Dike Diary,

Tonight I went on a date with a boy. He kept watching the all-sports channel on TV and googling baseball headlines on his laptop. I was like, “Will you cum on my forehead already -- I want some.” He was like, “No time, babe; big things are happening in the Sports World.”

I want big things.
But how big?
8 inches? 11 inches?
I think I would suck a black fire hose.
But would my mommy still give me a Gap gift card for Christmas?

Dear Sexy Dike Diary,

My mommy said I needed to finish up my schoolwork before she would buy me leg warmers from Abercrombie and Fitch. I said, “Mommy, you know I can only do school work after no less than 15 men have cummed on my face.”

Mommy acknowledged the validity of my statement with a gentle nod of the head. “So long as all their fire hoses are white,” says mommy.


Oh, yeah, cum on my face.
Please cum on my face.
Thank you.

Dear Sexy Dike Diary,

I’m presently in the midst of formulating a list of all the items I desire for Christmas. Here’s what I have so far:

A butthole as gaping as they come.
30 cocks smacking me in the face.
My very own starring role on
More sensation in my clitoris.
A Gap gift card.

Molly Wally Polly attends Gay-Straight Alliance meetings sometimes.

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