Hello Happy Dog Mom Lit Journal

by Noah Cicero

This is Noah Cicero
It is 2:15 in the morning
I am very tired
I kind of feel like a sad metaphor
A really fucking sad metaphor
something about wind and a cold winter night
I'm on my computer
I feel like I should fall asleep
I don't know if sleep matters to me anymore, so I just do it when I lay down, I lay down, then sleep comes, then I am sleeping and eventually I wake up
and I go on
Tonight I read your blog
and started to think about Homer sitting outside on a rock scribbling out The Iliad
No I didn't
I'm lying
I was thinking about how I needed to wash my work clothes tomorrow

Noah Cicero sent us this email and it took us over a month to respond. We're pretty sure this was his suicide letter. Anyone know if he's dead?


  1. at first i was going to say "i sure hope not" but then i realized that if he is in fact dead, i get to further re-enact Vacation on my drive to AWP