Tom Wolfe’s "The Nutcracker"

by J. J. Curry Ford

Dawn lathers the Nutcracker’s hat with T.G. Lee fat free non-alcoholic egg nog. She places it on the night stand next her side of the bed, watches the nog drip into his eyes, across his rosy cheeks, a little dribbling into his beard. Her feet dangle from the side of the bed, white Wal-Mart panties hanging off on her left foot.


“What the Hell are you doing?”

Dan doesn’t hear the door open or the laundry basket falling out of his mother’s hand. He’s glad he’s standing, glad that the backrest of his black office swivel chair hides his nakedness between his stomach and knees. Dawn looks down at The Nutcracker’s trembling legs, how his boots slap against Dan’s upper thighs.

J. J. Curry Ford is a tween paranormal romance novelist. His first book, Fins and Fangs, comes out in 2012.

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