Don’t Smoke Your Own Tree

by Dr. Dingleberry Slim

D.D. Slim here
Sculpting a word forest
Growing a word forest
Watering a word forest

D.D. Slim here
Climbing my word forest
Hanging up my wet clothes
On the limbs
Of my word forest
Keep out
Come on in

D.D. Slim here
Sleeping on a log
Dreaming this log has legs

D.D. Slim here
I got red eyes
From smoking
The leaves of my word forest
Don’t smoke your own tree
Listen to D.D Slim
Don’t smoke your own tree

D.D. Slim here
Read what I wrote above
Skipping to the end
Doesn’t make you a D.D. Slim friend

D D Slim Out

Dr. Dingleberry Slim is a medical doctor/rapper that doesn't write poems, he grows them. He was born on streets of broken glass and once slept on a queen sized bed made of plastic bags, horseshit and dreams. He is a better man for it. Is he even a man? Time will tell. Listen to the Slim. Hear the Slim. Feel the Slim. He'll plant a seed in your brain and a forest will grow. Slim Bio Out.


  1. You're a jackass, Slim.

    -Dogwalk Happen

  2. It's so onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!