Who is to Blame? by Sinclair Arnold

It's convenient that Jesse Eisenberg should be able to say, when old people mistake him for Mark Zuckerberg, "That wasn't me! I was playing a character! I'm the actor, Jesse Eisenberg. The real Mark Zuckerberg lives in California somewhere, no doubt in a mansion."

When those same old people run into Mark Zuckerberg on the street, and say, "Aren't you that Mark Zuckerberg from the movie?" then Mark Zuckerberg can give this insouciant reply, "No, that wasn't me! That was Jesse Eisenberg, and he filled your head with lies! I'm a nice guy. Jesse Eisenberg lives in California somewhere, in a really plush mansion, I'm betting!"

That's no good, that each one shirks blame.

Especially when the reality of the situation is, both men, both boys, are together truly to blame.

Sinclair Arnold holds his literature to be self-evident. He is now available for interviews.

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