by Edmund Michael Longshore

The veterinary student gave me pills the size of horse pills and racing in my veins thundering in my blood I wished I could gather the stones passed from my kidneys to pile them on altar of everylittlething I’ve been [boygirlmanwoman] all of that hurt just something I forced out my pisshole each one clinking like a red bullet in the surgeons pan and through that windswept shame a hollow-boned sparrow alights upon by outstretched hand its birdlike call echoing

there-there there-there

All the while pointing at nothing as if this somehow could comfort.

Edmund Michael Longshore, a sound-artist, bookseller, Adjunct Professor, and Pushcart Prize nominee, is editor-in-chief of the forthcoming web journal Killing Ezra#. His texts have appeared in Hardcase Tales, Riverhammer Quarterly, Steers & Queers, and Sweet Dreams of Iron: An Anthology of Fascist Erotica.

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