From 'Fins & Fangs'

by J. J. Curry Ford

The wood tipped trident grazed Vincent's neck. "Don't move," Aquanis growled.

"You better not hesitate, Aquanis. You waver one second, I will tear out your throat and feed what's left of you to your children and your grand children."

"Tsk, tsk, Vincent, you and your...violence. You make my cold blood...burn." Vincent watched Aquanis' tail wrap around his waist, Aquanis' fin undoing Vincent's belt. The tail wrapped around around Vincent's legs. Vincent watched as his pants floated out the door, into the next room.

"Aquanis...what...what are you doing?"

"Oh my dear boy, haven't you figure it out by now?" Aquanis' taut, clammy abs caressed the small of Vincent's back. "I'm going to be doing..."

Vincent turned, grabbed the trident and snapped it in two. He seized the half with the wood tips and shoved them into Aquanis' abs, slamming the merman warrior against the wall, his blood staining the water around them. "I warned you, didn't I?" Vincent hissed into Aquanis' dying eyes. "Lucky for you, I'm a vampire, not a pervert."

"What have you done?" Vincent turned and saw Poseidia, covering her mouth in horror.

"Your father..."

"...was trying to save you from this monster, Poseidia. He seduced me and then..."

"That's a lie, Aquanis!" Poseidia swam closer to Vincent and Aquanis. She placed her hand on Vincent's shoulder.

"You...need to go. The sun is down. You'll be safe."

"But Poseidia..."

"By our laws, those who spill the blood of our kind are banished, never to return."

"She's right...Vincent. You will be an hour if you disobey. Since you longer our guest...the magic that protects you this deep in the starting to wear off as we speak." Aquanis coughed, drops of blood floating out of his mouth. Vincent released his grip on the broken trident, swam to the next room and retrieved his pants.

"One day, Poseidia, I hope you'll discover the truth about this, about your father. One day."

J. J. Curry Ford will be reading at the Happy Dog Mom AWP Reading.

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