Listen, I think we should start over...

by Terd Macchio

Hello, my name is Terd Macchio, I am a performance poet.
I am going to read you a performance poem.
It is called, Welcome: A Performance Poem



Made from the roots well and come
Well: a spring, a source of water, a source of life
Come: the seed of man, semen, a source of life

Drink! Drink from my welcome!

Welcome! Welcome!
Welcome to the jungle!
Aye aye aye...

My penis is the Earth
My urethra a well
And you, audience, are very thirsty

Drink my life away

A famous poet who goes by comedian
Once said “When you fuck someone
You lose a little bit of your soul when you come.
And the only reason to fuck them again
Is to try and get it back.”

Well, ladies and gentleman,
I’ll be back.

The end.


  1. I will never forget this poem after AWP. I think of it every time I hear the word "welcome."