Tuesday, March 2, 2012 by Ramona Toilet

I woke up in a pile of shit today
I dreamt I was sleeping in sand

I farted during a meeting at work today
I told them it was the wind

I ate a breast of raw chicken at Jewel today
I asked them why not this if that

I slipped a finger in your ass today
I need a little piece of you with me wherever I go

I peed myself in therapy today
Crying out, “I cannot know God.”

I laid down on the train tracks and fingered myself today
Until the train and I came; It was electric

I slit my wrists in confession today
Wringing my wrinkled arms out, as I let the blood rain down onto the Priest’s fat dick

I cried today
While I was lonely

I died today
While you were inside me
I am the eternal garbageman.

Ramona Toilet was named after a character in a book her mom used to read to her when she was little. It was called When Miscarriages Thrive.

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