I planted my flag into her
like she were the moon
all big and white
and curvaceous and shit
with craters I explored
the hell out of if ya know what I mean

She was a brave new land
and I was like an explorer
I expected India and spices
butt got savages instead
butt I conquered them
butt not with genocide

With love
I learned the ways
of scalping and wore
some badass facepaint
and communed with
the goddamned Earth

this poem is about my penis

Terd Macchio is forthcoming in Metazaen, Anallemma, Untoward Mag, Artifice, Red Lightbulbs, Keep This Bag Away From Childre, Pop Serial, Dogzplot, Bust Magazine, The New Yorker, The TV Guide, Everyday I'm Genuisin and every other place not mentioned here, except for whats-it-called, you know, Word Riot, cause they always reject him.

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