a kind of dark poetry… (RE: where beauty goes to die) GUEST POST BY THE LOVELESS

Alternative literature… possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to art bar none. The dumbing down of common intelligence and the insistence of idolizing complete idiots who send texts to each other and charter it at “poetry”.

Alternative literature… So full of nothing, so empty and pointless that it should make the blood of any single mortal that even has so much as an ounce of respect for art in any form boil. A vapid form of “artistry” so void of any semblance of feeling, meaning or imagery that its the literary version of an artists painting a blank canvas with water.

There is one example of all these so called “poets” that is so engrossed in his “artistic” ideas that he himself has become so incandescently stupid, so perpetually banal that he insists on infecting the minds of even vaguely like minded “poets” with his emotionless and blank-versed thoughts.

So I suppose this is an open letter to you Steve Roggenbuck, I would love more than anything to wish death upon you but I rest calmly knowing that the oblivion that follows us all will see to that for. There is no more pointless attempt at pretending you have skill than attempting the primary school artistry of cutting up little pieces of digitized paper and crazy gluing them onto still shots of sunsets.

Alternative literature is the death or art, artistry and literature in general. Those who allow this common idea to grow will perpetuate the decay of the zeitgeist of humanity.

enjoy your slow painful demise.

I will revel in the pain of your minds.

and laugh when education dies and your minds revert to that which you were changed from.

-signed… The Loveless


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