Alt Lit Gossip and HTML who?

 Lenny Toasterface

Has Alt Lit Gossip gone too far?

It is not hard to be the best of the week when everything in the week is stale and common and expected. DUH!

I don't know if this is a sign of things to come or not. What I do know is that HTMLGiant is a very boring website with very boring articles and a bunch of folks in an ivory tower handing out boring like it is candy that matters. Your site is like a baseball minor league . It is cute, but haha.

I, Lenny, think that Alt Lit Gossip needs to investigate the greatness levels of the things they report on. Recently, there were many articles that were just tumblr posts reblogged that had nothing to do with lit. It was cute, but come on.

The molds are made. The names have been dealt. This is a culture becoming stale and common before our very eyes. The issue is not quickshit. This issue is bullshit, and no one putting down their foot for what they believe in so that they can make friends.

I like making friends, so I go out to a bar and act dumb and dance and sing. then I go home and I write. I write to understand what making friends is all about. Lenny is a hidden force. Lenny knows how to tango.

Twitter is good for making friends. So is Facebook. The social web allows us to blur the lines between friends and fans in a way never before seen. I believe Scream 4 touched on this motif. It seems pertinent to take into account that LANGUAGE LIKE THIS IS FUCKING OUTDATED AND BORING, DAD.

You know though, it is okay that everything sucks right now, because we all make mistakes. And blind positivity along with blind negativity butting heads will never get anywhere. But if we take the time to stop acting like writers for some game show and just act like people; this place will be a lot better off.



  1. Now, we want to show you how insidious the Illuminati can be. Walt Disney was part of an illuminati family. His initial interest was not in kids in the way you might think, but he was in fact a sexual pervert and pedophile, which was displayed in everything he did. He was also a big time occultist. Walt Disney was an illuminist.


  2. LENNY - You are an asshole. Please stop writing bad things about ALT LIT! DONT BE SUCH A HATER LENNY!


  4. Finally someone said it! Jesus Christ. I am so fucking bored.

  5. i like butts lol

  6. This whole site is horrible.

  7. Agree that HTMLGiant is Boring and an Ivory Tower - Agree that Alt Lit needs to stop placating, start standing up for Some Thing

  8. stand up for what? life is boring, it's an endless series of nothings patched together to make a bigger nothing in which we realize that we're really just an ant mindlessly walking through a farm.