3v3ry1 w1th 4 p33n s4y "sup"
3v3ry1 w1th 4 h0t c0nch s4y "m4ck sh1ck 1 w4nt u s0000000 b44444dddd"

1ts 0k4y 2 w4nt m3 1n th3 r41n. 
u 4r3 fruck3d up, L0L
u 4r3 th3 r41n

1 4m w34r1ng dr34dl0cks f0r th3 f1rst t1m3 
s1nc3 1 w4s b4pt1s3d. . .  

1 t3ll u 4r3 wr0ng 4 w4nt1ng:
+ 4 n3w c4r
+ v4c4t10n
+ f4sh10n f0rw4rd cl0th3z

!!!T0SS TH3 S4L4D 0F M0D3RN1TY!!!
1f u h4v3 3n0ugh fr13ndz u c4n cr0wds0urc3 y0ur B1LLZ
3xc3pt 4 1nsur4nc3, L0L

1 4m $56,000 1n d3bt fr0m stud3nt l04ns
but 1 4m n0w 4 M4ST3R 0F H1PH0P0L0GY.

ppL s4y 2 m3, "m4ck sh1ck, y d0 u l1st3n 2 s0 much 

1 t3ll th3m wh3n 1 4m tw3nty s3v3n 1 w0n't B tw3nty s3v3n
1'll B s3v3n t33n 43VR, *L0L*

l00k, my L1f3 1s 4 v4c4t10n & y0urs c4n B2. B)

Mack Shick is an independent tween hip-hop producer, rapper, poet and social engineer. He will release his fourteenth mixtape of 2012, The Truth, on December 21st. Buy his sixth t-shirt, "ALBACORE", at

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