Two Stories

by Nobody'sBitch

I hate my mother-in-law sometimes. I hate her because she ate my applesauce on my birthday. What type of backwards shit is that? Everybody knows I love my applesauce. Everybody knows I love my birthday. So why would my mother-in-law try to ruin my birthday as well as eat my favorite food which is applesauce? I swear I don’t like that bitch

Yes, I’m going to church in the outfit I wore to the club last night
Yes, I’m watching old episodes of Punky Brewster right now
Yes, I slept with your ex-boyfriend
No, I do not care that you hate me for sleeping with your ex-boyfriend
Yes, I’m the sexiest bitch in church on Sunday morning

Nobody'sBitch is a poet and gangstress who was born in Birmingham but now resides in Mobile, AL. She has been published in various chitlin circuit publications
and her 15th chapbook, Ya Man is Taking ME Shopping, Ho, will be released in late 2012.

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