Barrels of Dreams/Balls of Despair

By Larry Lemontree

Blowing Balls of Despair
Barrels of Dreams
Down the hole hole whole
Lining the trees of Creams
Climbing the fees of Lawyers
Like ladders of time and faces
Of Priests and Sailors
Down waterfalls of delight and ice
And funny how
The world spins like atoms
And the moon spins like jacks

Heaven is a place
With a tiny tiny fence
And Hell is a waterway
With a passionate swirl of whales blurred
Into a soup of finesse and strategy
And Cheese?
No, that would be ridiculous
Like Cheese?

Elephants roam the dessert
Tigers train the sky
Pasta makes some people sick
And some people ride bikes
And some people fear fashion
Pants so tight
They bleed
And the skin they draw from
Gets fatter upon loss
Stretching, stretching stretching
Ice cream sand witches
Cackle on vacuums
Danger danger danger

Barrels of Dreams
Barrels of Despair
Tumble and terrify
The happiness of dreams
Equals the fear of smell
Of loss
Of family
Of weather
And whether the days will ever be so long again
If the Balls and Barrels
Fail to show up on time

Larry Lemontree is a retired CTA bus driver who used to write poems on his breaks and now, he writes poems all the time, because his whole life is a break. He enjoys his sleep and enjoys what he can of this waking life, this life of dreams, the nights of stepping and flipping, of dancing the world, rather than being danced by the world. He lives with his 4 cats and a giant portrait of his wife, Alison who now lives in Idaho with her new husband, Henry, hangs on his ceiling, eyes down on his, reminding him that life is not a waste, that life is not a waste, and to always make eye contact with paintings, people and dreams.

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