there is some mystery in what i am saying

by Thew Treebeard

I am remembering a time when someone told me about a tree growing too many
roots. It sounded very absurd, the way she was telling me. She had 3 children at her
knees and they were all carrying with them; an off-putting presence.

I was on my way back from a local sandwich shop. It was about a mile walk from my
apartment. I trembled violently to the colour blue, with each step. There was something in the air that day, on the way there. Something that I will never be able to put my finger on. there were a bunch of african-americans walking into the same store. I decided to very subtly pretend i was at the wrong store.

I got back on the sidewalk, walking home.

Tracing the curb back, it was very short before I encountered a woman who sprung from above in a dead tree. She splashed onto the pavement with broken tree-limbs falling after her. "well, hello there boy o,"

I stood in awe of this lady who was now on her knees pulling small children out from
behind her back, telling me that she was on a journey from tree-to-tree to find
a new home because her previous home was growing too many roots and they were
making the tree lean or something. She provided very little information about herself and I wanted to leave immediately. There was a brief awkward moment of silence which gave me the oppurtunity to escape this conversation. “I am looking for my tree, just like you. do you understand?” That’s what I told her. It seemed to bother her.

I rudely walked past her and looked back after about ~200 feet when i saw her pulling her children onto her back. I turned around and thought about what just happened.

As i turned the street corner i looked back and she was gone.

Thew Treebeard builds pyramids, but not for the aliens (that's passe). One time, he was in Texas and a bar called The Library wouldn't let him in because they claimed to have a dress code. Oh, and he didn't have sleeves on. So yeah.

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