Lief is not beaitufl

by Yumi Mi Tummi

Lief is not beautiful.

Lief is not fantastic.

Lief is a complicated myriad of blacks and grays and whites and--what the hell--magentas that can't be described with one, crappy, catch-all adjective.

Like my cat, always out of arms-length except when I go number 2 (that's lady speak for pooping). Rubbing against my leg, trying to jump on my lap, exposing the white belly underneath a calico coat in the hopes I will rub her or put my face in it or something. All as I squeeze out a log which isn't hard enough or soft enough, is that in-the-between kinda crap that gets stuck between your cheeks and is impossible to wipe.

Thanks, cat.

You and I are living in-the-between.

What were we talking about?

You, too, can be Yumi's friend on the faceborg.

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