I am pretending that I am dead? Help..? By King Crab

Hey guys, my name is Courtney and I am 17.

So there is this girl I hate named Jane who had a big party and I went. We got into a huge argument and I left and went into the backyard to get away from her. She followed me outside and she was arguing with me and stuff and then out of nowhere she pushed me so hard! She grabbed me and tried to take me down and I was down on the ground and she climbed on top of me and she was choking me and smashing me onto the ground.

I pretended I was unconscious and she was freaking out.

She picked me up and started dragging me even though I was awake, I was pretending I was unconscious.

I peeked and saw she was dragging me towards the pool!! I quickly took in a huge breathe and she held up my body beside the water and she threw me into the pool! I did the dead mans float and I held my breathe as long as I could then I turned around to breathe and Jane was gone.

I heard her coming back so I quickly started floating again and then someone grabbed my leg and pulled me out of the water. It was Jane and her boyfriend, I kept pretending to be unconscious. Jane said she threw me in the water to get off any evidence that was one me. She said I was in the water for about 10 minutes so im probably dead and she checked my pulse and I kept pretending I was unconsicous and that IDIOT couldnt find anything and assumed i was dead.

i saw my cellphone on the ground, it fell out of my pocket before jane threw me into the pool. they left for a second so i turned on the voice recorder and put the phone in my pocket. they dragged me across the grass around to the front of the house and then they lifted me up and took me upstairs and put me in the closet in janes room!!

when they left i got out and dried myself off and i didnt leave behind any clues, i climbed out of janes window and went home.

help! what should i do!

King Crab lives in the sea with his Queen Crab Wife and crab kids.

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