Sadness is just happiness turned on its ass by Sprayton T. Rochefort

Your anus is hot like fresh dug sassafras
And when I can't eat it I feel really crass
Because you've again forced me to feel such morass.
I want to be happy but I have no class.
So please flip me over, please 180 my mass
Before I get sullen my wee misty lass
For then I can lick in your sticky crevasse
And sup muddbutt-nuggets which I too soon shall pass
And I'll be more gleeful than a fresh-waxed mustache!
For sadness is just happiness turned on its ass!

Sprayton T. Rochefort is convinced that the AAAAAAAAAA rhyme scheme is the answer for our contemporary malaise and the very thing to kill bad poems dead. His chapbook "I Need a Rim-Shot, Ew, Babybaby" was published in its entirety by Bucket-O-Fun.

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