O-BITCHYary: Dear Melissa Broder

People who think deer should die are the LAST people who should decide when it's time for a deer to be dead. I hold this truth to be self-evident. Guess somebody should have told Melissa Broder over HTMLlittlest. Fact is, over at the tiny yesterday she was "joking" about how deer are dead.

Now ok, you might say, no, she was joking about how deer are dead as muses because it's a tired trope / cliche you see all the time in literature, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Here's why: did you see the picture she used?

Let me refresh ya:

Yeah, folks, yeah. Deer are cute, and they're great muses! Why shouldn't I have my deer anymore? Because Melissa Broder has a problem with my art?

It reminds me of this time when I was a kid and my dad took me hunting, right? So we're hunting and we're hunting and all of a sudden this deer rushes out of the woods and it just tramples my dad and me. And my dad is dead. And when I got out of the hospital I was thinking, no way deer are something to be messed with. Deer will mess you up. They're so strong.

SO basically I'm offended because my dad was killed by a deer when it struck his temple with a hoof and then his shotgun discharged in his face when he tried to shoot the deer. I know because I've had so much therapy about it.

Basically, Melissa, think about your words? And how they hurt people who want to be a.) creative and b.) honor their father's memory by drawing pictures of him riding on deer, firing his shotgun into eternity.


The Editors

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