“Ouch!” Samantha screamed, “That hurt!”
“Not as much as it’s going to hurt when I…” Charlie looked off in the
distance. What was that sound?
“What was that sound?” she said.
“I don’t know. “ Charlie cocked his shotgun, “But whatever it is, it
sounds like trouble.”
“So much has happened so fast,” Samantha gasped,”J-j-just like our
“I don’t have time for this,” Charlie muttered, “and neither does my rifle.”
“W-what about that sound?” she said. “Aren’t you going to investigate?”
“I told you I don’t have TIME!” he roared, shoving her down to the
dirty forest floor. “Let’s get this over with. And by this, I mean
YOU.” With that Charlie put the barrel of the shotgun to Samantha’s
face and squeezed the trigger. The sound echoed through the trees as
her grey matter splattered on the ground, leaving a shape much like
the many Rorschach tests he'd been subjected to in couples' therapy.
“Hmm…” Charlie chuckled to himself, “Looks like my girlfriend.”

Brutus Molotov is a child psychiatrist specializing in eating
disorders, high-functioning autistics, and the paranormal. He lives
with his wife, Olga, in Surok, a small Russian settlement.

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